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What is..? Training session
13:00 - 14:00
Virtual Event (Zoom)

Prof Sarah Parsons, What are digital stories as forms of evidence in education research and practice?

Mike Phillips, What is creative consent in research?

Bethan Prosser, What is participatory listening research?
28 Nov 2023Training Resource
NCRM training - Metaphor and Methods
23 November 13.30-15.30 on Zoom

NCRM website:



Mihaela Iorga, Nicole Brown, Andy Coverdale
This webinar was organised by QUEST (Qualitative Expertise at Southampton) in collaboration with the National Centre for Research Methods and the South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership. It was held on 23 November 2023. The speakers were: Dr Mihaela Iorga of the University of Portsmouth, Dr Nicole Brown of University College London and Dr Andy Coverdale of the University of Southampton.

23 Nov 2023Training Resource
Training Needs Analysis Workshop
11:00 - 13:00

Melanie Nind

Training Resource
2 Nov 2023SCDTP PhD students in first or second years
What is…? Knowledge exchange
13:00 - 14:00
Virtual Event

Mark Kaye:
What is the data potential of Hansard?

Laura Bea:
What is the role of fiction and poetry as forms of evidence in public policy?

Sarah Lewthwaite:
31 Oct 2023
Training Resource
Decolonising research methods in qualitative social research by Ros Edwards, Professor of Sociology at the University of Southampton.
This is a joint training event between SCDTP, QUEST and NCRM. Visit the link to view the video.
4 July 2023Training Resource
Clear and Accessible Writing for Public Engagement

Spring 2023Training Resource
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Tackling Gender Equality through Athena SWAN - Dr Liza Howe-Walsh17 May 2022Other
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Approaches to Ethnography (Seminar)26 April 2022Training Resource
Choosing the right journal26 April 2022Training Resource
Training needs analysis – the procedural and the meaningful22 March 2022Real World Application of Research
Vicarious trauma22 March 2022Training Resource
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