Training Resources

Training EventDate last heldTraining Area
Clear and Accessible Writing for Public Engagement

Spring 2023Training Resource
Media Skills Training - Introduction to BloggingSpring 2023Careers
What is... Place based researchSpring 2023Training Resource
Digital Stories for SCDTP3rd May 2023Training Resource
Platform research and topic Modelling with Job Ads Data3rd May 2023Training Resource
First Year Cohort Training 202324th Jan 2023Training Resource
Essentials of Publication23rd June 2022Training Resource
Disciplinary Perspectives on Archiving Qualitative Data (QUEST)23rd June 2022Other
What is... Citizen Science?25th May 2022Training Resource
Tackling Gender Equality through Athena SWAN - Dr Liza Howe-Walsh17th May 2022Other
Resilience (Sherria Hoskins)12th May 2022Other
Approaches to Ethnography (Seminar)26th April 2022Training Resource
Choosing the right journal26th April 2022Training Resource
Training needs analysis – the procedural and the meaningful22nd March 2022Real World Application of Research
Vicarious trauma22nd March 2022Training Resource
Researchfish7th March 2022Other

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