The SCDTP training programme aims to provide each student with a wide range of research, subject and interdisciplinary skills. All students will be based within one of the five Thematic Cluster Pathways (TCPs), which will provide interdisciplinary training activities and develop expertise, skills and collaboration around a key interdisciplinary research theme.

For students with 1+3 funding, the MSRM will feature a bespoke module for each TCP and common training in research methods drawing on our world-leading expertise. In addition, it will provide core subject specific training, with students selecting appropriate modules to provide substantive knowledge and expertise.

Within the SCDTP as a whole, a range of general and transferable skills activities will also take place monthly and at residential visits, enhancing overall cohort skills levels and identity. Students will also access general and transferable skills training opportunities within their respective host universities.

Masters in Social Research Methods (MSRM).

All 1+3 SCDTP students will undertake the Masters in Social Research Methods (MSRM) in their first year. The MSRM will include subject training to provide students with core subject knowledge. All MSRM students will be registered…

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Training continues for all students throughout their PhD programme via a range of activities including skills workshops, PhD forums, research groups, seminars and reading groups. The centrality of methods (qualitative, quantitative and mixed) is a guiding theme within the SCDTP. To facilitate the development of a wide range of advanced research methods throughout the study…

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Thematic Cluster Pathway (TCP) training will be provided across the whole lifecourse of postgraduate study. TCPs draw on a range of subject areas, making them truly interdisciplinary; with subject disciplines affiliated to a number of TCPs (see individual TCP pages for further details). Each TCP will have coordinators who are academic experts in the thematic…

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The SCDTP will occasionally make awards of +4 studentships (4 years PhD funding) for students undertaking research of a particularly interdisciplinary nature. In recognition of the additional training requirements of the research, 4 years funding will be provided whilst undertaking an accredited PhD programme at one of the the partner institutions. Students will be required…

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The South Coast DTP cohort as a whole will meet for monthly training. This will focus on professional development and the skills needed for achieving impact, knowledge exchange, collaboration, internationalisation and cultural awareness, ethics and employability. High profile events such as a final year conference, a SCDTP Research Methods Festival, run in conjunction with the…

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