PhD Training

Training continues for all students throughout their PhD programme via a range of activities including skills workshops, PhD forums, research groups, seminars and reading groups.

The centrality of methods (qualitative, quantitative and mixed) is a guiding theme within the SCDTP.

To facilitate the development of a wide range of advanced research methods throughout the study period, every student will engage in advanced level methods training, with requirements specified through their Training Needs Analysis (TNA).  To ensure that students are knowledgeable on a wide range of methods and methodologies, all will take at least one course each year (pro rata for PT) in both quantitative and qualitative methods, drawn from short courses available from the SCDTP, NCRM, ADRC-E, QUEST or outside the ROs.

This will be in addition to TNA identified relevant generic and transferable training. Course completion will be used as one indicator of progress in students’ annual reviews.