Our Students

CohortFull NameDepartmentTCPInstitutionResearch Title
2023/24Abigail HaynesHumanities & SSLKBUni of BrightonUnderstanding class in the lives of young people in the UK: using visual methods to inform social policy
2023/24Amy SalkeldPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthScience and Pseudoscience Around Dissociation and Dissociative Amnesia: A Two-Branched Experimental Approach.
2023/24Andrew McilvaneyHumanities & SSPCHWUni of BrightonHeartbreaking times: an analysis of the impact of social policy on young people's experiences of romantic heartbreak
2023/24Awa TourayGeoGEBIUni of SouthamptonImproving access to mobility related assistive devices for hip fracture patients in The Gambia
2023/24Barbara SherriffBusiness & LawGEBIUni of BrightonThe employer’s role in mitigating mental ill health in young people: Harnessing the employee voice of South Coast university students to better support performance and wellbeing at work, at university, and beyond.
2023/24Bethan JamesModern LanguagesLKBUni of SouthamptonThe role of length of residency in first language grammatical attrition
2023/24Charlotte Emily BookerPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthAdult firesetters: Does fire education lead to behaviour change?
2023/24Cheryl Ann WilliamsPsychologyPCHWUni of PortsmouthExploring the ‘Pain-Dial’ – A Virtual Reality Pain Reduction Technique
2023/24Chris DawsonArea Studies - ED SocCGSUni of PortsmouthMusic cassettes as autonomous cultural production: A comparative study of European and North American independent record labels
2023/24Claire CornickPsychologyPCHWUni of PortsmouthExamining and enhancing teacher training for paediatric chronic pain
2023/24Clara Renée GiraultSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonEstimating suicide misclassification in other external causes of death in the Baltic states
2023/24Deborah TimoniPoliticsCGSUni of SouthamptonWhat Can North and South Teach One Another? Accelerating The Transfer Of Democratic
2023/24Elisabeth PedersenHumanities & SSSERUni of BrightonCultivating Care-full Practices and Policies: The Prefigurative Possibilities and Complexities of Urban Community Gardens
2023/24Emad NoureldeenBusinessGEBIUni of SouthamptonInternal Control Quality, Business Strategy, Investment Efficiency, and Expanded Audit Report
2023/24Emily Grace BastableEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonHow can Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise be applied and integrated into Higher Education curricular?
2023/24Fabiola Yesmin Aparicio AvichacraPoliticsCGSUni of SouthamptonThe long-term impact of family trajectories during childhood on health and socioeconomic status at midlife
2023/24Gemma Frances ThomasPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonStrategic Derring: Using Errors to Maximise Learning
2023/24Grace CareyPsychologyPCHWUni of PortsmouthPrevention of child sexual abuse: Developing an online self-help tool for management of minor-attraction and associated mental-health symptoms
2023/24Gracie Annabella HortonGeoSERUni of SouthamptonUnderstanding the role of social capital for climate resilience.
2023/24Hannah Maria BoltPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthThe Profile of a Child Sexual Offender: Understanding those who sexually offend against children to inform early interventions.
2023/24James BaggottPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthExamining how auditory profiles mediate the impact of classroom noise on autistic children’s classroom behaviour
2023/24Kenneth Okoth JumaSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonAssessing the Availability and Quality of Post-Abortion Care in select sub-Saharan Africa Countries
2023/24Kezia Shoshana Chava PughBusiness & LawGEBIUni of BrightonInvestigating the role of employee ethnicity as a risk factor for exploitative labour practices in the UK adult social care industry: a focus on London and the South East
2023/24Lauren SansomPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthA Socio-ecological Approach to Understanding Norms of Peer-on-peer Harmful Sexual Behaviours in UK Schools
and Colleges
2023/24Luca Allegranza QuickeGeoCGSUni of PortsmouthGeographical imaginations in an age of virtual reality and metaverses
2023/24Lucy Victoria LynchSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonBowel cancer screening uptake in England: exploring the potential of couples-based interventions to address
health inequalities and increase uptake
2023/24Meng Yan ZhangEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonA comparative inquiry into UK and Chinese mathematics teachers’ beliefs and instructional practices
2023/24Meng ZhangEconomicsGEBIUni of SouthamptonMarket Sentiment Indicator Analysis – Option Greeks
2023/24Nasrat SayedHumanities & SSSERUni of BrightonThe Impacts of Climate Change on Climate Migrants in Large Southern Cities: A Case Study of Karachi, Pakistan
2023/24Niamh Moira BurnsBusiness & LawCGSUni of BrightonThe invisibility of sexual, and gender based violence in the Northern Irish conflict (between 1968 and 1998) and the impact of shedding light on this phenomenon on social policy and policy processes.
2023/24Patricia NcubeArea Studies - SASHPLCGSUni of PortsmouthExploring The Working Lives of Zimbabwean Women In Britain
2023/24Qiaodong WeiEconomicsPCHWUni of SouthamptonA Study: Educational Attainment of Second-Generation Immigrants in Ethnic Groups in The
2023/24Rachel ThomsonPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthThe influence of personality and cognition on savannah elephant (Loxodonta africana) behaviour
2023/24Sadie RockliffeBusiness & LawPCHWUni of BrightonSensory inequalities and access to blue space
2023/24Sarthak GurnaniBusinessGEBIUni of SouthamptonReinforcement Learning Approach for Credit Risk Analysis
2023/24Shuting ChenGeographySERUni of SouthamptonInteractions between biodiversity conservation and poverty alleviation
2023/24Sixtus Cyprian OnyekwerePCHWUni of PortsmouthAssessing the Role of NGOs in Preventing Sexual Abuse of Internally Displaced (Vulnerable) Women and Girls in low-income countries: Lessons from Nigeria during the Covid-19 pandemic.
2023/24Sonnia-Magba Bu-Buakei JabbiGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonTest and develop high resolution mapping and modelling methods to support inter-censal population estimates
2023/24Tobias Alexander MeredithArea Studies - SASHPLCGSUni of PortsmouthSOS! Investigating the use of drones for sea border surveillance of migratory routes to post-Brexit UK: Frameworks,
experiences and policies.
2023/24Yari SikderPsychologyPCHWUni of SouthamptonBelief in mind-body dualism and mental health: The case of body-image issues among social-media users.
2023/24Yifan GeUni of SouthamptonWomen’s pension entitlement in the UK: Understanding who may have been left under-provisioned by recent changes in state pension age
2022/23Carolina LopesArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthThe intersection of migrants’ homeless personal histories with social structures: a comparative study in the post-COVID-19 vaccination context in London and Rio de Janeiro.
2022/23Chloe EddyEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonCan we improve how we screen for behaviours associated with ASD in children and young people? Evidence from adaptations of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire
2022/23Daniel GriffithsPsychologyPCHWUni of SouthamptonFactors Affecting Sexual Well being in Gender Diverse Populations
2022/23Elspeth ClarkEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonMeaningful engagement in occupation among young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities
2022/23Emily RibbonsPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthTransforming Groups: The Use of Individuation to Aid Collaborative Recall and Lie Detection in Intelligence-gathering Contexts
2022/23Gabriela Ramos BonillaGerontologyPCHWUni of SouthamptonSocio-structural barriers and older adults’ therapeutic itineraries to access healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic in Peru
2022/23Giulio PalmaPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonThe Perceived Atmosphere of Coloured Lighting: Sensory, Emotional, and Cross-Modal Effects
2022/23Haden DewisPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonAn Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding why Targets Are Missed During Interactive Searches
2022/23Hannah FodenSport, Leisure & TourismPCHWUni of BrightonWomen in sports leadership: How do we get there?
2022/23Isaac ThorntonSocial PolicyLKBUni of BrightonThe International Education Strategy and international students’ social ecological resilience
2022/23Josette CrispinEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonUnderstanding the social networks of support for medical students before and after they transition to medical placement.
2022/23Juan BadariottiPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthHow does exercise cause cognitive improvements? An examination of underlying mechanisms, mediators, and implications for public health communications.
2022/23Kate TomkinsSSPCLKBUni of SouthamptonA multimodal semiotic analysis of online "prepper" communities through visual grounded theory methodology, combined with a quantitative hierarchal cluster analysis on aggregated user response, informed by critical realist epistemology.
2022/23Katherine ShortPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthThe Spectrum of Friendships: Teachers’ Perceptions, Children’s Perceived Experiences, and Long-term Outcomes
2022/23Laura BeaSSPCLKBUni of Southampton'Exploring the role of fiction and poetry as forms of evidence within Public Policy
2022/23Laura MenardArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthMaterial belongings: Family and nation as lived by members of LGBTQ+ in Lebanon
2022/23Lauren MurphyPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthCan Encountering More Misinformation Lead to More Resistance to Misinformation?
2022/23Luciano PerefettiSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonStatistical inference in the big data era: using hierarchical models to estimate the socio-economic situation of Colombia's armed conflict victims with non-probability samples.
2022/23Luke EssigmanPsycholgyPCHWUni of SouthamptonBuilding Belonging: How Schools can Facilitate Young Asylum Seekers’ Adaptation to Trauma
2022/23Max DixonArea StudiesCGSUni of Portsmouth‘The other China or an emerging Taiwan?’ Democratic Taiwan and British foreign policy, 1996-2021.
2022/23Michael MilesPsychologyPCHWUni of SouthamptonThe Role of Trauma in the Association between Autism and Psychosis.
2022/23Ni Kadek Oki Wahyu KrisnadeviSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonEstimating and correcting ‘missing’ people with disabilities in Indonesian statistics: Improving understanding of health care use at a regional level
2022/23Qianwen DuanGeographySERUni of SouthamptonThe effect of counter-urbanization on the ecosystems
2022/23Ramon Olads da Cruz AlmeidaSocial PolicyCGSUni of BrightonTransforming public security policies to tackle hate crime against LGBT groups in Brazil.
2022/23Rhia PerksPsychologyPCHWUni of SouthamptonAttachment and Support Behaviours in Long-Distance Relationships
2022/23Robin SkyerSSPCPCHWUni of SouthamptonUnderstanding mutual aid online: how young transgender people in the UK access and utilise networks of community support
2022/23Rory PhibbsLKBUni of BrightonExploring women coaching men in field hockey, do male athletes impact a female coach’s position in cross-gender coaching? A comparative study
2022/23Sarah SalphatiPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonThe development of facial mimicry: An examination of a key copy-mechanism in infants within natural social contexts.
2022/23Sasha DonnierPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonTesting the social intelligence hypothesis for the evolution of communicative complexity in Equidae.
2022/23Seyedeh Sorour FarahiBusiness & ManagementPCHWUni of SouthamptonImproving Healthcare Systems’ Performance during Mass Casualty Incidents using a Simulation, Optimisation, and Machine Learning approach
2022/23Shilpy BhatHealth SciencesPCHWUni of SouthamptonCobots: Understanding the implementation of collaborative robots in health and social care.
2022/23Sienna EverettPAIRCGSUni of SouthamptonThe effects of parenthood on environmental concern and political action in the UK
2022/23Sonia Tomescu-StachiePsychologyPCHWUni of PortsmouthExploring the implications of Online Shared Reading on Psychological Distress and Quality of Life (QoL) in Endometrial Cancer: a mixed-method approach
2022/23Tapinder SidhuPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthUnderstanding body posture signals across contexts in wild African elephant populations
2022/23Thokozile TemboBusiness & ManagementGEBIUni of SouthamptonFinancial Risk Factors with AI-based Risk Forecasting
2022/23Tulimegameno AmutenyaGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonSmall area population forecasting using geospatial big datasets and national census in low and middle income countries
2022/23Valentina Hinojosa Del CampoGerontologyPCHWUni of SouthamptonSexual activity and help-seeking behaviours among older persons in Chile: the impact of health practitioner’s interventions and of older person’s personal characteristics.
2022/23Yuwei ChenGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonChinese Migrant Families in Japan: Investigating Social Networks for Old-Age Care Provision and the Role of Digital Technology in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic
2021/22Abdul Kader IsmailPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthSave the Last Dance for Me: Dynamic Cues and Social Perception
2021/22Alice MunnsPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthAn Asthma Self-management App (ANASA) - Evaluating a tailored solution for people with asthma
2021/22Amruta BagweEconomicsGEBIUni of SouthamptonYouth Unemployment in India: An Empirical Analysis
2021/22Anne HealPAIRCGSUni of SouthamptonHow successful was the UK government's volunteer mobilisation during the COVID pandemic?
2021/22Chengli (Lily) HuangPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonIs Increased Reward Responsivity Responsible for the After-Effects of Self-control? An EEG Approach
2021/22Chloe DixonSSPCSERUni of SouthamptonReducing work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: UK employees’ preferences for working-time reduction and the factors affecting them
2021/22Colette NsoforBusinessSERUni of SouthamptonThe Influence of Disruptive Technologies on the Resilient and Sustainable Performance of Agri-Food Supply Chains in the Face of COVID-19 Pandemic
2021/22Conor GaughanPAIRCGSUni of SouthamptonMapping social media networks of political actors and understanding the flow of information through them from elites to the wider public
2021/22Elinor LimPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthSupporting autistic students through university using a collaborative participatory research approach
2021/22Emily EllingtonPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonFalling through the gaps? Investigating the experiences of autistic young people within Care and Education Treatment Reviews
2021/22Erin McEvoySASSCGSUni of BrightonInvestigating the impact of British policies on the lived experiences of migrant sex workers
2021/22Fraeden MastrantonioPsychologyPCHWUni of SouthamptonMental, physical, and sexual health and wellbeing in non-binary populations
2021/22Francesca ZecchinatoPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonPreventing child anxiety disorders: Identifying therapeutic targets and improving access
2021/22Gadda SalhabPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthAn evidence-based approach to promoting honesty in child witnesses
2021/22George BoltonPAIRCGSUni of SouthamptonPolitical trust among British first-time voters: a mixed methods investigation
2021/22Georgina FordPsychologyPCHWUni of PortsmouthUnderstanding sexual behaviour and attitudes: a big data approach
2021/22Jazz BartholomewPsychologyPCHWUni of PortsmouthThe effects of personality, motivation and self-efficacy on very low-calorie diet in type 2 Diabetes
2021/22Jeremy BrownBusinessLKBUni of SouthamptonExploring the impact of eco-comic book stories on youth climate action
2021/22Joanna GraceEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonUnderstanding belonging for people with profound intellectual disabilities
2021/22Khaleda Brophy-HarmerGeographyCGSUni of SouthamptonRepresenting Everyday Life Using Mass Observation’s Covid-19 Collections
2021/22Laura MitchellSASSSERUni of BrightonGreen social prescribing and social justice
2021/22Laurence CanningsGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonContrasting Subjective and Objective Wellbeing in the Context of Spatial Environmental Characteristics and Climatic Risk: A comparative case study on the Volta Delta, Ghana
2021/22Mark KayeArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthReluctant Europeans? Narratives of European Integration in the City of Birmingham during the 'Referendum Campaigns of 2016 and 1975
2021/22Mike PhillipsSASSPCHWUni of BrightonMoving beyond the binary: Young people and support, ensuring social practice meets diverse needs.
2021/22Nadine MarshallGerontologyPCHWUni of SouthamptonAgeing Well in Later Life: Health Behaviour Change and Implications for the Social Care of Widows in England
2021/22Pamela Chegwidden-RadcliffePsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthThe impact of memory (mis)beliefs on public health and justice outcomes
2021/22Rachid SekkaiArea StudiesCGSUni of Portsmouth‘Traitors to the nation’: Algerian Harkis between discourses of loyalty, belonging and lived experiences in the post-colonial context (1962-2023/4)
2021/22Riya TiwariHealth SciencesLKBUni of SouthamptonAn investigation of gendered patient-doctor interaction in UK primary health
2021/22Rozene SmithArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthLethal autonomous weapon systems and the violation of human dignity
2021/22Sarah JennerPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonUsing adolescent identity formation to motivate dietary change: The role of adolescent peer group values
2021/22Shannon Slater-JohnsonPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthAttachment in orangutans in rehabilitation to human care givers, the factors effecting attachment formation and the consequent effects of this on human orientation and conspecific social relationships
2021/22Stuart LucySSPCCGSUni of SouthamptonInvestigating the (In)formative influences of incels.
2021/22Talia EmmanuelHealth SciencesPCHWUni of SouthamptonHow can we optimise nursing shift patterns to balance costs, patient outcomes and staff wellbeing?
2021/22Tamsin BishtonSASSSERUni of BrightonUnderstanding the link between climate change campaigning and policy outcomes
2021/22Tanay GandhiPAIRCGSUni of SouthamptonInsurgent India(s): Unruly bodies, fugitive experience, and democratic possibility
2021/22Wanda CantonSASSLKBUni of BrightonRap is not The Enemy: can UK Drill inform violence prevention policy as a participatory, community practice?
2021/22Wole AdewoleGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonUsing georeferenced building-level administrative data to enhance settlement classification methods for population mapping.
2020/21Adam Meylan-StevensonPAIRCGSUni of SouthamptonMill’s Harm Principle and Contemporary Public Policy
2020/21Adelicia FairbanksArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthLocal perceptions and military-assisted health interventions in conflict settings
2020/21Adrian LiPAIRCGSUni of SouthamptonThe struggle for democracy in Hong Kong, a sub-national hybrid regime: How it affects the rule of law, strategies for political repression, and democratic reform
2020/21Aleksandra NazerajEconomicsPCHWUni of SouthamptonThe impact of obesity on labour market outcomes in the UK and the EU
2020/21Anthony HowellBusinessGEBIUni of BrightonThe Alienation of Consumption in the Gig Economy
Research Intro by Anthony Howell
2020/21Ariana Modirrousta-GalianPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonImproving News Veracity Discernment With Inductive Learning and Gamification: New Insights From Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis
2020/21Charlie PericleousArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthA comparative study of European local Prevention of Violent Extremism (PVE) policies with a specific focus on Portsmouth and comparable cities in Belgium and the Netherlands
2020/21Chloe WebbPsychology / FELSLKBUni of SouthamptonRighteous Indignation and Moral Self-Enhancement
2020/21Claire ThomasPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthA Critical ExpIoration: The Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) on Children and Young People Cared for by the State. ​ ​
2020/21Clive AllansoBusinessGEBIUni of BrightonContemporary arts champions, SMEs development and tourism productivity in West Africa: Looking beyond the commercial value of the 'artefact
2020/21Ella SuttonFSS / SESLKBUni of SouthamptonHow can environmental education be more effectively implemented into the commercial outdoor recreation industries to increase clients’ environmental literacy?
2020/21Gemma PainterSASSSERUni of BrightonCould social housing offer policy solutions to the housing crisis?
2020/21Haiyu JinGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonStudy on the Association of Caregiving with Spousal Caregivers' Health Outcomes
2020/21Hannah BarkerGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonWasted food, poor health, sad planet: optimising householders’ food behaviour for health outcomes, food security and resource efficiency
2020/21Hannah CarrPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonConduct problems and head injuries across development: Investigating longitudinal symptom interplay and common neural correlates”
2020/21Hannah HallPAIRCGSUni of SouthamptonExploring the role of Community Health Workers in Maternal and Child Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Central and South America
2020/21Holly RadfordPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthIt takes two to tango: Understanding Autistic people’s mental states and facial expressions
2020/21James MarshallSASSSERUni of BrightonGenerational re/imaginings of automobile futures in transport industry and policy
2020/21Kate GoldieGeographySERUni of SouthamptonGeographies of Care in Pet-Keeping: The Case of Pet-Pigs
2020/21Laura SaundersPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthCan humans interpret other species?
2020/21Luke ChandamanPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonThe Effects of Perceived Group Differences on Moral Decision Making
2020/21Mabel NewtonPAIR / FELSCGSUni of SouthamptonThe ‘post-truth’ age of populism and the erosion of global constitutionalism.
2020/21Matthew JohnsonGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonExamining the spatio-temporal patterns of diarrhoeal disease incidence from routinely collected clinical data
2020/21Michaela TrescakovaPsychology / FELSLKBUni of SouthamptonUnderstanding 3D layout of natural scenes
2020/21Paul MosesManagementGEBIUni of SouthamptonUnderstanding Agile Project Management to raise productivity and efficiency within businesses
2020/21Rebecca HarrisSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonMental health outcomes of children exposed to domestic abuse in low- and middle-income countries
2020/21Roseanna TansleyFSS / SESLKBUni of SouthamptonUsing the Special Interests of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder to Improve Motivation and Engagement within Mainstream Secondary Education
2020/21Rowan DavisSASSPCHWUni of BrightonSocial exclusion and suicidal distress in LGBTQ+ communities in Brighton & Hove
2020/21Ruth PuddefootPAIR/FSSCGSUni of SouthamptonVox Pops, Political Divisions and Brexit
2020/21Sarah BelbenGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonExploring the feasibility of nature-based wellbeing interventions within primary schools in England
2020/21Sudip SenArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthThe discursive construction of high profile media racism rows in the United Kingdom and Australia
2020/21Vinita MithaniManagementGEBIUni of SouthamptonAn Empirical Study of the Conflicting Pressures on Auditor Decision-Making, and Implications for Auditor Independence
2019/20Alex LeeSASSSERUni of BrightonUnderstanding Changing Cultural Perceptions of Nature in Relation to Rewilding Projects
2019/20Alice BrockGeographySERUni of SouthamptonDevelopment of Culturally, Economically, Environmentally and Socially Acceptable Personal Carbon Budgets (4D-PCB)
2019/20Alice WolfleSSDSERUni of SouthamptonSeasonality and Child Health in Bangladesh
2019/20Amy PetersEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonCognitive processes in writing to learn
2019/20Anna HartModern LanguagesLKBUni of SouthamptonThe missing link: language and heritage, identity and belonging project proposal
2019/20Anthony HorneArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthTo what extent do the EU’s relations with the BSEC foster a dynamic of pluralistic regional cooperation in the Black Sea region? A case-study analysis of the EU’s Black Sea Synergy
2019/20Chloe EastPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonThe Special Educational Needs Crisis in Schools: Understanding the needs and listening to the perspectives of children and young people on the autism spectrum
2019/20Danielle (Wilson) ChandlerPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthDrawing to conclusion: The use of drawings to aid information gathering and deception detecting in investigative interviews
2019/20Dima IvanovaPsychologyPCHWUni of SouthamptonContextual Factors in Low Back Pain Consultations
2019/20Eleanor FergusonSASSSERUni of BrightonSolutions to the housing crisis? Co-operative living 1970 to today
2019/20Hannah GreenArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthAre some people, dissatisfied with current capitalist society in Britain searching for alternative spiritualities? How often does this search accidentally or intentionally manifest in self destructive behaviours? A case study into a corporate office.
2019/20Harley GermanSASSSERUni of BrightonPocket Parks to the Rescue? Tackling Social Isolation and Loneliness through Spatial Policy
2019/20Hazel McCaffertyEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonEmployability and Capitals: the role of socio-economic background
2019/20John Loja TorresSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonEthnic Mortality differences in Colombia between 1980-2007 and 2008-2015
2019/20Justin WilliamsSASSPCHWUni of BrightonWhat organisational culture fosters resilience in the ex-offender in the workplace?
2019/20Kameswara KorangiManagementGEBIUni of SouthamptonDeep Learning for credit risk management under market complexity and illiquidity
2019/20Katie CromptonPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthThe "Paws b" mindfulness curriculum and its effects on prosocial behaviour in the classroom: A mixed methods study.
2019/20Kelly PrimeSASSSERUni of BrightonSmart(er) energy justice: Embedding equality into smart technology use and design
2019/20Kim HadfieldSSPCLKBUni of SouthamptonThe Ecological Consequences of Marine Wildlife Crime
2019/20Lorna FielkerSSPCCGSUni of SouthamptonWhat is the impact of GDPR on Third Sector Organisations?
2019/20Marie LevorsenPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonThe neural representation of the self
2019/20Michael HopeSSPCCGSUni of SouthamptonCharting the progress of professionalization and evidence based practice in UK Policing
2019/20Mihaela IorgaArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthA longitudinal comparison of the representation of migration in the British and Romanian press before and after the Brexit referendum
2019/20Molly SimmonsGeographySERUni of SouthamptonConsumption fuelled zombies or sustainability driven paragons of virtue? An exploration of the primary sustainable behaviour drivers of UK higher education students
2019/20Monica SoodPsychologyPCHWUni of SouthamptonAugmenting cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for psychosis through integration of attachment theory.
2019/20Olivia CaskeyArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthAnalysing and challenging representations of female jihadi radicalisation – an Area Studies investigation of the European media
2019/20Richard ThorburnEconomicsGEBIUni of SouthamptonHow to manage multiple asset time series data with a diversity of time frequency inflows
2019/20Tom PhippsManagementGEBIUni of SouthamptonEmbedding ethical uncertainty in algorithmic decision-making
2019/20Tom PricePAIRCGSUni of SouthamptonAgenda-setting impacts of public participation
2019/20Tom RobertsSASSPCHWUni of BrightonTowards the conceptualisation of co-production and value in mental health services
2019/20Tracy WhittleSASSPCHWUni of BrightonLiving well with multiple Long-Term Conditions: Interrogating young people’s experiences of integrated care
2019/20Viktoria ErlacherSASSPCHWUni of BrightonA co-produced mixed-methods study investigating participation barriers for the disadvantaged in the community resilience initiative ‘Transition Towns’
2019/20Wilson OdekManagementGEBIUni of SouthamptonMeasuring the Social Value of Microcredit: A Social Distance Approach
2019/20Yoshi SteelePsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthPerceptions of Learning Disabilities in the Criminal Justice System
2018/19Abigail CroydonEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonLifelong, informal and community learning in the lives of adults with learning disabilities
2018/19Ailish CraigGeographySERUni of SouthamptonImproving water and food security for smallholder farmer communities in sub-Saharan Africa through inter-disciplinary research
2018/19Alexander FreemantlePsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthAn Investigation into the Complex Emotional Relationships Involved in Performance Dyads’ Pursuits of Success
2018/19Amy MiddletonSASSPCHWUni of BrightonPostpartum sexuality: Can medical and healthcare professionals advise new mothers from a strengths-based, sex positive perspective?
2018/19Ann GarbettSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonAdolescent fertility and education in Latin America and the Caribbean
2018/19Bianca LunaGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonUnderstanding the effects of labour migration on families, work and identities: a case study of Filipino labour migrants and their families
2018/19Bryony DaviesPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthCan the negative psychological impacts of social media be reduced by online health warnings? An investigation of body image disturbance
2018/19Carolynn LowSSPCCGSUni of SouthamptonRefugee Entrepreneurship: Belonging and Social Inclusion for Refugees in the UK
2018/19Charlotte CampbellGeographyGEBIUni of SouthamptonExploring the roles of physical and virtual space in trans-local cultural scene uniformity
2018/19Charlotte LeePsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonInvestigating the Eye Movements of Very Skilled Readers
2018/19Charlotte OwenSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonHealth facility access barriers for adults with impairment in Cambodia
2018/19Elizabeth SimonSSDCGSUni of SouthamptonUnderstanding Education as a source of growing social and political cleavage in Great Britain
2018/19Ellen Atayee-BennettSSPCSERUni of SouthamptonHow do religious values shape environmental sustainability practices? An exploration of the relationship between veganism and Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.
2018/19Esther AyoolaSASSCGSUni of BrightonUnderstanding the effects of educational attainment, household and neighbourhood context on the onset and recovery of poor adolescent mental health
2018/19Francesca KilpatrickSASSSERUni of BrightonClimate insecurity: Exploring how environmental security discourses affect climate change campaigning in the UK
2018/19Gary ForrestalBusinessGEBIUni of BrightonMoney talks: An investigation into the efficacy of UK anti-money laundering policy
2018/19Harry RamseyPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthUnderstanding expert use of non-verbal deception and detection of deception
2018/19Isha AbdulkadirArea StudiesSERUni of PortsmouthThe Impact of the Celebritisation of FGM on and for Community and Family level engagement to end FGM in the UK.
2018/19James ClayPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthInvestigating the relationship between socio-economic status and hazardous drinking: Effects of stress, impulsivity, gender and ethnicity
2018/19Jasmine RollingsPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthThe impact of stress on facial expression and social networks in older adults
2018/19Lee TowersSASSSERUni of BrightonTransitioning to Renewable Energies
2018/19Lewis BakerModern LanguagesLKBUni of SouthamptonThe role of linguistic input through a speaker’s lifespan
2018/19Megan IsonArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthThe Dynamics of Trauma, History and Memory: ‘Memories’ of the Massacre of Oradour-sur-Glane in Alsace
2018/19Natalie BerryPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonNarcissism and Conspicuous Consumption
2018/19Olivia BarberPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthAssessing the efficacy of dogs in Animal Assisted Therapy and the mechanisms of action across a range of therapeutic settings
2018/19Ovidiu-Ionut BrudanPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonIndividual Differences in Associative Learning Mechanisms
2018/19Patience MutunamiArea StudiesSERUni of PortsmouthMonitoring and Evaluating the Impact of Mainstreaming Violence against Women and Girls (including FGM) in HIV Programming
2018/19Rachel HouwelingGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonGeographies of Mental Health Inequalities in the UK: Validation of approaches to estimate changing levels of need in local areas.
2018/19Rebecca GardnerSSPCCGSUni of SouthamptonA comparative case study investigating illegal gatekeeping practices within Children and Adult’s Social care multi-agency spaces.
2018/19Robert TaylorGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonUsing geostatistical modelling to explore smoking cessation in the Global South
2018/19Rowan EdwardsEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonAn exploratory study to determine how English primary schools support the mental health and wellbeing of their pupils
2018/19Samuel RedgraveManagementGEBIUni of SouthamptonUniversity-industry Knowledge Transfer: A Comparison of Business Schools and their Interactions with Industry in Developed and Developing Countries
2018/19Sophie WilkinsonSSPCLKBUni of SouthamptonHuman traffickers in the UK and Australia: a comparative study on criminal trajectories.
2018/19Verity WardEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonUsing Technology to support the Education of Children with Autism Spectrum
2018/19Violet BurekPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthThe role of objects in vocal communication and knowledge transfer in children
2018/19Winfred Dotse-GborgbortsiGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonSpatial patterns of delivery service utilisation: using a spatial interaction model approach to reach every woman in Eastern Region, Ghana
2017/18Alice OliverPsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonEfficacy of nostalgia in reducing objective measures of spatial anxiety.
2017/18Amy ScarthBusinessGEBIUni of BrightonThe socio-economic complexity of gift-giving abd philanthropy through innovations in tourism in sub-Sahatan Africa (SSA)
2017/18Astrid ArriazaSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonValidating Child Immunization Coverage from Fine Resolution Mapping with Community-based Ancillary Data
2017/18Beatrice TuraArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthVisual Representations of minority groups, activism and the everyday
2017/18Ben BrindleBusinessGEBIUni of BrightonWhat impact does immigration have on the labour market opportunities of natives in the UK labour market?
2017/18Benjamin ThomasSSPCCGSUni of SouthamptonFlexible careers? New skills acquisitions over the life course
2017/18Bethan ProsserSASSCGSUni of BrightonListening to urban seaside gentrification: living with displacement injustices on the UK south coast
2017/18Daniel EllisSASSCGSUni of BrightonHidden Borders of Injustice? Irregular Migrants’ Experiences and Resistance to Punishment in the South East of England.
2017/18Eleanor Moonan-HowardGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonSocial networks and well-being in later life: understanding the role of neighbourhood
2017/18Ellen HedstromPsychologyPCHWUni of SouthamptonExploring mental health vulnerability and resilience of refugee children and adolescents who are currently displaced in Europe; a focus on the role of parenting.
2017/18Emily HaddyPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthImproving the lives of people through improving the welfare of their working equids.
2017/18Francesco RampazzoSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonTransnational Transition to Adulthood: New insights from social media data
2017/18Hannah SelbySASSPCHWUni of BrightonMental health intervention programmes on television – a force for good?
2017/18James CorbetModern LanguagesLKBUni of SouthamptonThe development of verbal morphology in heritage language speakers of Spanish in the United Kingdom
2017/18James TurnerModern LanguagesLKBUni of SouthamptonLinking L2 phonological acquisition, attrition and bi-directional transfer in the context of studying abroad
2017/18Jason PrestonSASSLKBUni of BrightonFather involvement in the lives of their children
2017/18Kate HarrisonPAIRCGSUni of SouthamptonDeprivation, exclusion and public engagement on the South Coast of England
2017/18Laura PaddonGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonMaintaining residential independence in later life: Investigating the importance of social networks of care & support
2017/18Leanne ChrisostomouPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthDiscovering Hidden Abilities (DHA): Building Assessment Tools for Children with Atypical Development
2017/18Lisa DavisonGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonCarers and loneliness in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing
2017/18Mair ThomasGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonMonitoring access to safely managed water services: exploring spatial integration of regulatory databases with household surveys and population censuses
2017/18Martin WattsGeographySERUni of SouthamptonExploring Climate Change Impacts on Agroforestry Livelihoods in Tanzania
2017/18Matias Ortiz de ZarateEconomicsPCHWUni of SouthamptonThe effects of generic entry on prescription patterns and their effects on patients’ outcome
2017/18Matt C SmithSASSSERUni of BrightonTrans* experiences of urban space and the implications for planning theory and practice
2017/18Matthew StevensonManagementGEBIUni of SouthamptonImproving Funding Availability for SME with Advanced Predictive Analytics Models
2017/18Matthew TalbotPsychologyCGSUni of PortsmouthTraining citizens to reduce burglary risk using Virtual Reality.
2017/18Monique CampbellGeographyPCHWUni of SouthamptonModelling regional variations in diet in the UK
2017/18Nandor ReveszArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthExpertise in Supranational Politics: the European Parliament Research Service, Policy-Making, and the Democratic Deficit
2017/18Pamela HanwayPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthThe effects of cognitive load on investigative interviewers’ performance
2017/18Philippa BroadbentHealth PsychologyLKBUni of SouthamptonWhat role do biases in the interpretation of ambiguous somatosensory stimuli in patients with chronic pain play in the maintenance of chronic pain? Does their modification offer pain relief? A translational investigation.
2017/18Sam ShortoPAIRCGSUni of SouthamptonThe new political divides in British politics
2017/18Sebastian StannardSSDPCHWUni of SouthamptonA longitudinal life course analysis assessing the implication of educational attainment and gender on mental health and well-being in mid-life
2017/18Shahnaz BiggsSASSPCHWUni of BrightonBuilding Resilience through social enterprise: an in-depth study in Social Enterprise and Mental Health intervention
2017/18Shaun WilliamsSASSSERUni of BrightonDatafication of Cycling
2017/18Sophie HallEducationLKBUni of SouthamptonThe writing processes of writers with and without dyslexia
2017/18Sorina TolticaArea StudiesCGSUni of PortsmouthAssessing the Character of Contemporary US/UK Counter Terrorism Engagement in West Africa
2017/18Stefana JuncuPsychologyLKBUni of PortsmouthFinding the Missing: Effects of Perceptual and Conceptual Information in Missing Person Appeals
2017/18Wei WangManagementGEBIUni of SouthamptonSmartApp Financial Risk Management with Advanced Robust Risk Optimization Methods