AuthorInstitutionSCDTP PathwayPublication Title
Monica SoodUniversity of SouthamptonPsychologySood, M., Carnelley, K. B. and Newman-Taylor, K. (2022). How does insecure attachment lead to paranoia? A systematic critical review of cognitive, affective, and behavioural mechanisms. British Journal of Clinical Psychology Early View
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Elizabeth SimonUniversity of SouthamptonSocial StatisticsSimon, E. (2021). Explaining the educational divide in electoral behaviour: testing direct and indirect effects from British elections and referendums 2016–2019. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties
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Bethan ProsserUniversity of BrightonSocial PolicyProsser, B.M. (2021). Mobile Caring-Work: Volunteer homelessness outreach on the streets of Brighton & Hove (UK). Applied Mobilities
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Winfred Dotse-GborgbortsiUniversity of SouthamptonHuman GeographyBL Rice, A Annapragada, RE Baker, M Bruijning, W Dotse-Gborgbortsi, et al. (2021) Variation in SARS-CoV-2 outbreaks across sub-Saharan Africa. Nature Medicine 27 (3), 447-453
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Abigail CroydonUniversity of SouthamptonEducationNind, M. Coverdale, A. & Croydon, A. (2020) Learning from Each Other in the Context of Personalisation and Self-build Social Care. Disability & Society
Abigail CroydonUniversity of SouthamptonEducationPower, A., Coverdale, A., Croydon, A.E., Hall, E., Kaley, A., Macpherson, H. & Nind, M. (2021). Personalisation policy in the lives of people with learning disabilities: a call to focus on how people build their lives relationally, Critical Social Policy
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Seb StannardUniversity of SouthamptonSocial StatisticsUnderstanding the early life mediators behind the intergenerational transmission of partnership dissolution
Viktor ValgardssonUniversity of SouthamptonPolitics and International RelationsValgarosson, V.O., Clarke, N., Jennings, W. and Stoker, G. (2020). The Good Politician and Political Trust: An Authenticity Gap in British Politics?. Political Studies 68 (4): 858-880.
Olivia CaskeyUniversity of PortsmouthArea StudiesA Comparison of European Female Jihadists
Wei WangUniversity of SouthamptonManagement & Business StudiesOptimal Scenario-Dependent Multivariate Shortfall Risk Measure and its Application in Capital Allocation
Wei WangUniversity of SouthamptonManagement & Business StudiesPreference Robust Distortion Risk Measure and Its Application
Joanna GraceUniversity of SouthamptonEducationde Haas, Catherine, Joanna Grace, Joanna Hope, and Melanie Nind. (2022). Doing Research Inclusively: Understanding What It Means to Do Research with and Alongside People with Profound Intellectual Disabilities" Social Sciences 11, no. 4: 159.
Rachel HouwelingUniversity of SouthamptonHuman GeographyParent health and wellbeing at home before and during COVID-19 - Rachel Houweling, Andrew Power, Dianna Smith
Winfred Dotse-GborgbortsiUniversity of SouthamptonHuman GeographyDelineating natural catchment health districts with routinely collected health data from women’s travel to give birth in Ghana

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