Population Change,
Health & Wellbeing

The PCHW TCP will focus on research around the drivers of population change and the implications for economic welfare and social support across the lifecourse, on understanding population health, on improving the organisation and delivery of health services, and on enriching the health outcomes and wellbeing of individuals irrespective of where they live.

The TCP will bring together individuals from 14 different disciplinary backgrounds to ensure all students understand a range of disciplinary viewpoints. The aim of the cluster is to combine the development of theoretical perspectives in relation to family formations, ageing, migration, health and wellbeing throughout the life course with rigorous empirical testing of hypotheses concerning the impact of demographic, social, economic and epidemiological changes on a national, regional and global scale, in the past, present and future. An outstanding research strength across the ROs, the TCP will provide a truly interdisciplinary and inspirational learning environment for students to supplement their subject specific expertise with alternative disciplinary perspectives.


Dr Zoe Boden (Brighton) – Z.Boden@brighton.ac.uk

Dr Lorenzo Stafford (Portsmouth) – Lorenzo.Stafford@port.ac.uk

Dr Dianna Smith(Southampton) – D.M.Smith@soton.ac.uk