Thank you and goodbye to Glenn Miller

Date: 17/06/2022


Glenn Miller has been the Manager of the SCDTP since its beginning, and of the Southampton Doctoral Training Centre before that. Glenn is moving on to a new role, and this blog is an opportunity to say thank you for his immense contribution.

Dozens of students have crossed through the DTC/DTP during Glenn’s management role, and virtually every one of those has a story to tell about Glenn’s support, goodwill and belief in the their potential to successfully complete their degrees.

Since 2012, Glenn has gone above and beyond his duty, playing an integral role in holding the DTC and DTP together. During countless student activities, Glenn’s discreet steering of the students has reflected an approachable friend who also manages to be firm in terms of applying regulations and being fair across all students. Glenn’s door (and virtual door during COVID) has always been open to students needing to discuss issues. His collegiality and belief in the SCDTP students has made the SCDTP a special place to be.

We invited PhD students to tell us how Glenn had supported them, and were inundated with responses. Glenn was described as “a regular source of stability and comfort in the often chaotic and anxiety-inducing experiences of postgraduate studies”;  “an absolute beacon of support since day one”; “down to earth, friendly and genuinely willing to help”; “responding with no judgement and kind words that made me feel respected, valued and that I brought something different to the cohort”; “making the impossible happen”; “being one of the first people that myself or other students would go to because of his approachable and caring attitude towards every student”; “having an open door both professionally or personally”; “being proactive in ensuring that PGR students have a positive and supportive experience throughout their degree”; “making every student feel appreciated, valued, and listened to”; “extremely approachable”; “a legend”.

All of the above pretty much sum up the effect of Glenn’s support in his role as the DTC/DTP Manager. As a colleague too, Glenn will be missed for his efficiency and positive outlook.

Dear Glenn, we wish you all the best with your new role, and you are welcome to visit us anytime. From all of us in the SCDTP

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