Upcoming methods seminar – learn about metaphor methods

Date: 15/11/2023

Tags: NCRM, QUEST Seminar

Upcoming methods seminar – learn about metaphor methods

23 November 13.30-15.30 on Zoom
All welcome

SCDTP is teaming up with NCRM and QUEST again this month for a seminar on Metaphor and Method.

Mihaela Iorga, a recent SCDTP PhD graduate from the University of Portsmouth will be presenting on metaphors of immigration in the Romanian and British context.

Nicole Brown, Director of Social Research & Practice and Education Ltd and Associate Professor at University College London, will talk about using objects in research as metaphorical expressions of experiences.

Andy Coverdale, Research Fellow in the Centre for Research in Inclusion, University of Southampton will discuss the use of visual metaphor in research during COVID lockdown.

You can register to come along here:

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