Environment & Resilience

One of the most significant challenges facing humanity is the extent to which the global demand for energy, food and water is placing pressure on the climate and other environmental resources, which in turn poses significant threats to human health, security and prosperity.

To fully appreciate the challenges that we face and potential solutions, we often require interdisciplinary insights, drawing on understandings of relevant social and natural science and technological disciplines. The SER TCP is an evolution of the current highly successful UoS DTC Energy, Environment and Resilience interdisciplinary training pathway. The SCDTP and the SER TCP will ensure that the approach to research in this area will be through an interdisciplinary standpoint. The 11 subject areas that feed into this TCP all explore these issues from different perspectives. Ensuring the breadth of understanding of students working in this academic space will enhance their ability to conduct research that has a clear impact on society and the environment alongside preparing them for the multi-faceted challenges they face. Research in this area stretches across all ROs in the SCDTP.


Prof Marina Novelli (Brighton) –

Dr Lana Chikhungu (Portsmouth) –

Dr Yaniv Hanoch (Southampton) –