Global Economies
& Business Innovation

Understanding the global economy, at a local, national and international scale, is more important now than ever before due to the unprecedented pressures that have been placed on it. Studying innovation within businesses, in all its forms, will provide evidence that can be used to strengthen financial and social stability.

The GEBI TCP will bring together individuals from 9 different disciplines to approach this thematic area using a range of disciplinary understandings and methodologies. Topics that will be covered include the global economy, business and management, innovation, economic geography and economic theory. Exploring these issues using the interdisciplinary knowledge will enrich the student experience as well as develop the potential impact of the research that is conducted. Research in this area is too often conducted within disciplinary silos, which GEBI will break down, encouraging the cross-fertilisation of ideas between subjects.


Dr Anne Daguerre (Brighton) –

Dr Hector Calvo-Pardo (Southampton) –