How to apply

To apply for funding for one of the South Coast DTP projects currently being advertised, you will need to complete two application forms as detailed below.


(1) The first application form you need to complete is for your chosen programme of study at the project’s host institution.
(Please ensure your chosen discipline is accredited for funding at your chosen institution in accordance with the table on the Thematic Cluster Pathway page)
Links to the online application system for each partner institutions are below.
University of Brighton – Online Programme Application
University of Portsmouth – Online Programme Application
University of Southampton – Online Programme Application

**Southampton 1+3 Applicants Only – Please ensure you submit an application for your chosen Masters programme.  This is to ensure that applicants who are unsuccessful in their funding applications still have an active programme application in the admissions system.  The MSRM programme is a closed programme and cannot be applied for directly.  Successful funding applicants will be transferred to the MSRM programme**

(2) The second application form which requires completion is the South Coast DTP Funding Application Form.  There are two versions of this form which can be downloaded before.  In accordance with the guidance below, please ensure you use the correct form.
Once complete, the application form should be submitted to
If you are applying for a project currently being advertised by the South Coast DTP, please download and complete the form from the link below:
South Coast DTP Project Specific Application Form
If you are applying as part of our general call and wish to submit your own project title for consideration, please download and compete the form from the link below:
SouthCoastDTP Funding Application Form – General Call