Masters in Social Research Methods (MSRM)

All 1+3 SCDTP students will undertake the Masters in Social Research Methods (MSRM) in their first year.

The MSRM will include subject training to provide students with core subject knowledge. All MSRM students will be registered on five core research methods modules (5 ECTS each):

These cover the requirements detailed in the 2015 PTDG and will be taught using pedagogies which encourage interdisciplinarity. At least one intermediate research methods module will be taken to extend research skills (5 ECTS each) :


Each TCP will also provide an interdisciplinary module (5 ECTS each) to consolidate the cohort.

The remainder of the MSRM will consist of core subject specific training (up to 25 ECTS), offered within each subject area. Choice within the MSRM will be managed through the initial TNA conducted in dialogue with supervisors, designated as the academic tutor. All students will complete a theme-specific dissertation using skills and knowledge obtained during the taught components of the MSRM.

The MSRM therefore provides core and intermediate level research methods, tailored to the individual student, while providing depth of subject understanding and an interdisciplinary focus. While it is expected that most research methods modules will be delivered at UoS, it is planned to role out modules to be delivered at UoP and UoB in future years.

Students will be funded to travel between institutions to attend lectures and seminars. Additionally, all modules will be recorded via Panopto and placed online.  The MSRM will be available for part-time study, facilitated by blended learning and multiple deliveries of modules over the year. Where possible, teaching will be concentrated on the same 1-2 days of the week to relieve travel and facilitate part-time study.

Further details of the MSRM programme can be found at the following here.

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